Welcome To Senseng

Senseng Group is a Manufacture and Trade Integrated Company which started from 2003. We owned 2 factories & an experienced service team. Our products covers Auto Accessory, Car Repairing Tool, Car Warning & Safety Accessories,Emergency & Rescuing & Car Gifts.
Also, we have 20-years of big customer coorperating history for Target, Walmart, Carrefour, Disney, ASDA, CVS. The factory have been awarded many audit report like BSCI, SEDEX, FSC, GMI, GSV.
The Group’s management philosophy is “corrective and preventive measures”. We have a deep understanding of Product Development, Order Processing, Laboratory Test, Quality Assurance and Risk Assessment. With confident, our quality management team is one of best professional in local area. Our passed 10-years record for valuable clients is 0 late shipment and 0 major quality claim.
We are proud to bring our best service to all of our strategic partners in worldwide!

What We Believe

At Senseng Group, we’re all about the Super-Details. We put the extraordinary into everything we are doing. In order to making so good, we create philosophy creed to be the guide light of every us:
1. Hearing the Voice of Customer. We need to stay same page as them;
2. All the client’s message need to be replied in same day. Any excuse like you didn‘t notice was unacceptable. You must catch them, no doubted!
3. Always have a suspicion attitude to any promise. Never suppose that they are doing as you requested & expected.You need to keep an eye on it;
4. Strictly follow “Corrective And Preventive Actions”;
5. Never accept the thought like “almost finished”, “80%-90% ok”. We must to be 100% sure;
6. Make it correct in the beginning, then you will no need to come back again to rework. If only always right in the earlier time, you can achieve permanent success;
7. Build your knowledge for: Risky/root cause/effectiveness; Continuous Improvement Plan;
8. More……
Senseng is consistently called out as the most process contral enterprise in this industry.

Who Is Our Partner